About True Wealth

True Wealth Radio is a tri-weekly radio program which airs on The American Christian Network Monday, Wednesday & Friday afternoons from 4-5PM with reruns each night from 9-10PM. True Wealth is heard in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho & Northeast Oregon. True Wealth is sponsored by COINSPlus and hosted by Kevin Wolter, the President of COINSPlus. True Wealth offers a unique “politically incorrect” traditional, conservative, biblical perspective on current affairs, economics, politics, finances & religion. Kevin Wolter discusses many topics ranging from hard asset investing to in depth political analysis as well as biblical teachings.

Kevin Wolter’s perspective is based on nearly 3 decades of cumulative financial experience which includes experience as Branch Manager & Regional Manager for Wells Fargo & Bank of America, a bachelor of science degree in mathematics, statistics & actuarial science, extensive post graduate research in economics, finance, constitutional philosophy & biblical history, series 6 & 7 investment licensing, licensing in all insurance product lines concurrent with 2 decades of successful business leadership & ownership.

COINSPlus is a full service rare coin & precious metals broker, dealer & depository service located at 3201 N. Division St, in Spokane, WA. COINSPlus has been in business for nearly 2 decades and operates from one of the finest and most secure precious metals facilities nationwide. COINSPlus is a high volume, low margin broker/dealer; Buying & Selling all forms of precious metals, rare coins, jewelry & diamonds with the utmost levels of honesty, integrity & professionalism.

COINSPlus specializes in developing hard asset investment portfolios focused on wealth & capital preservation utilizing our extensive knowledge of financial markets and historical performance to provide the pinnacle level of expertise and wholesale pricing to the investment clientele. While nearly ALL of the hard asset investment advisors are paid on a commission basis based on profit derived from the client, NONE of the COINSPlus employees are paid based on a commission basis. This allows COINSPlus employees to provide the products and pricing which best serve the clienteles financial needs and future performance goals.

COINSPlus offers its clients one of the highest rated(AA+) privately held depository services nationwide. Each box is an individual vault, housed in an elaborate class 2A+, multi-combo vault system secured by 70 tons of specialized concrete, military grade ballistic steel, kevlar & poly-carbonates & monitored by heat-sensors, seismic detectors and 24/7 motion surveillance. All information is kept confidential and will never be shared outside of our facility.

COINSPlus has a sister company, ClockTower Jewelry, which wholesales diamonds to the public, unlike any other diamond service. ClockTower Jewelry integrates the high volume/low margin philosophy to the jewelry & diamond retail market, allowing them to pay the highest prices for quality diamonds, jewelry & name-brand watches and offer them to the public at unprecedented wholesale levels.

COINSPlus & ClockTower Jewelry are both high volume/low-margin businesses offering the clients unsurpassed levels of honesty, integrity & professionalism.